9 Fallacies of Getting and Staying Fit and How to Have the Right Mindset



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Did you ever talk to someone about fitness and right away, they look at you like they just sucked on a lemon? It’s almost as bad as if you suggested they do public speaking or give a presentation. Why is there such an aversion for some people to working out, getting fit, and feeling good?


And it doesn’t happen just some of the time. It’s all over the place with all kinds of people, regardless of how much money or time they have, and whatever stage they are in life!


Here are the most common reasons and excuses that I’ve heard from people. I’ve heard hundreds of lame excuses, but these strike a particular cord with me over all the others.


9. It’s Too Late For Me


It is never too late! Every new breath you take is reason enough to create a new goal or work on improving an existing goal. As long as you have a pulse, you have good cause to tend to the well-being of your body and mind. Grab time while it is in front of you and make the most of it.


8. I Can’t Do It Right Now


If not now, then when? Do you have time to eat? Do you have time to sleep? Do you have time to drink water? Do you have time to breath? Then you have time to exercise. The truth is you don’t have the priority.


Stop making excuses. When you place excuses on the table, they get in the way of better things. Stop using crutches for not getting stuff done. Be done with them. Excuses are not your friend.


7. It’s Just Not for Me


Do not rule yourself out. Self-imposed limitations only set you up for failure. Sure, some things are harder than others to achieve, but to think it impossible because of your gender or age is rubbish. When you put your mind to it, along with hard work, you are capable of accomplishing almost anything in your own time.


6. I Have to Look Amazing!


Work out for more than looks. Focus on the goal of improved fitness and enhanced exercise performance and looks will naturally follow. Exchange focus with negative thinking and it is highly likely that you will simply become frustrated and eventually just quit. Besides, you learned long ago that there is far more to life than looks. Believe it.


5. Only Time Matters


Quantity isn’t what really matters. An hour of low-level effort exercise does not outweigh a short duration of high-level effort exercise simply because of the time in the activity. What matters most is the quality of effort invested during that time spent in the activity. Do not be fooled or ruled by the length of time.


4. Rules Have to be Strict


Stop dieting. Honestly, it is like being locked up for life with no hope for release. A miserable existence is no way to live. Take a healthy long-term approach to eating nutritiously wholesome food 80% of the time and allow a bit of wiggle room to indulge 20% of the time. You are far more certain to sustain a nutritional strategy like this when compared to others.


3. You Must Avoid Food


Food is fuel to your body like gasoline is to your car. Without it, you can’t function. Make the best selections possible to perform at your highest level of operation. Keep it clean, keep it real, and remember that using the 80/20 rule as mentioned above is totally acceptable.


2. Healthy Food Tastes Like Crap!


Not all healthy food has to be boring. Adding healthy fats, tasty spices and flavorful cheeses can make healthy food options much more appealing. Creating exciting flavor variations with healthy foods encourages you to try them again and eventually makes them part of your regular routine.


What’s also important to understand is that your tastes change over time. You acquire tastes for new foods if you are curious and want to explore something different. You can become accustomed to certain flavors and your palate adapts to them if you give them a chance.


Once you get used to the taste of healthy foods regularly, it won’t be long before you take notice of how the supplied nutrients from those foods make you feel much more energized. This will reinforce your consumption of these foods consistently.


1. You Can’t Have Treats Ever!


If we write off all indulgent treats, they are sure to end up in your mouth in mass quantity when you least expect it. Instead, be selective about the foods you really don’t want to live without.


The ones of greater value should certainly have a place in your life and should be enjoyed in modest doses. Here’s how to do cheat days from some of the experts out there, and here are 50 pre and post workout snacks that will make your mouth water.


It’s time to change your mindset.


It’s time to stop thinking in negative and outdated ways if you want to get fit. Never ever compare yourself to others who are more advanced than you are. We are all at different stages. You will change over time and incredible progress will happen if you stick with it. It’s time to get rid of the stinky attitude and get to it.


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