I don’t usually tell people this story about me unless they are close to me or in my immediate social circle. There has to be a deep trust level or an overwhelming compelling reason before I can talk about this subject. What I am about to tell you is serious – dead serious. I came from a home that was torn apart by alcoholism and abuse.


I know the truth isn't always pretty, but that's the truth, and I would never try to put lipstick on a pig (but a frog, maybe).


I had times in my life when I’ve hit rock bottom with depression, anxiety, fear, and suicidal thoughts. My life had become completely unmanageable many times. I was not a good student in school. I did not think about finance, saving money, or managing money. I did not think about health or well-being. I did not prepare for a good career or invest in my future.


The pivotal moment in my life that made me change was shortly after my mom died in 2015. When that happened, I felt a sense of loss so deep I couldn’t even put it into words. My dad died in May of 2000 and had already been gone for a long time. Both of my parents were now deceased, and even though I had my own family, I suddenly felt really alone.



At that point, I made a massive shift in my life and decided that I wanted to share my story publicly.


My first presentation was in March 2016, and I was scheduled to speak to a local mental health group. I was extremely nervous and unsure of myself, but I prepared a slide presentation beforehand, as well as a 20-page script, and went in with the attitude that I wanted to help people with my message.


In January 2016, I joined a speaking club to “hurry up and train myself to get better at speaking.” I went to a couple of meetings to practice speaking in front of an audience before my big debut in March, and I met some really helpful and supportive people. They helped me gain some confidence in myself and supported me by coming to my big presentation.


I called my presentation "Addiction, Loss, and Recovery: How to Deeply Understand the Mindset of Addictive Behavior and Win the Battle." It was the strangest feeling in the world to get up in front of fifty people and share the most intimate details of my childhood and life for sixty minutes. But the results were astounding!



Since March 2016, I have given over a hundred presentations to thousands of people on a variety of topics, which include:


1) How Education in Psychology Prepares you for the Employment World


2) The Impact of Web Design and Information Technology in a Changing World


3) The Importance of Finding your Voice through Effective Presentations and Public Speaking: How I Went from Nothing to Speaking to Thousands


4) Addiction, Loss, and Recovery: How to Deeply Understand the Mindset of Addictive Behavior and Win the Battle


I now actively go out and speak to businesses, clubs, non profit groups, universities, and charitable organizations all the time.




Because of these successes in my life, I learned to become more confident.


This allowed me to work on my mental, emotional, physical and spiritual self. I broke out of my old shell and started to connect with people, make new friendships, network with business people, and volunteer for fundraisers, charitable events, and other worthy causes in my community.


These steps made all of the difference. I began to enjoy things more, had more energy, felt better about myself, and had a much more positive outlook on life. I became hopeful for the future again, and I enjoyed a much more healthy balance with work, family, and extracurricular activities.



This is what brought me to the idea that I needed to create a website and write a book.


I began to reach out and share my experiences, strengths, and hope with others who felt the same way I did. I knew that I had to seek out people who could use the principles that I wanted to teach. I then realized that people who feel extreme anxiety, fear, doubt, lack of confidence, and limiting beliefs with presentations and public speaking needed my help!


So I developed an idea – a framework – based on the concept of Leapfrogging, and called it "LeapFrogging Success." Then I wrote the book LeapFrogging Success: 5 Simple Steps to Powerful Presentations and Public Speaking for Nerds, Techies, and Introverts. I've adapted the original concept from the world of business, economics, and organizational management and turned it into a system specifically designed for nerds, techies, and introverts (just like me).


What this system does is teach you how to take small steps to prepare and create amazing presentations for whatever topic you choose. Then when you are ready, you take the final big jump and deliver the most powerful presentation of your life. Through these simple steps, you apply a certain set of principles in a particular order to achieve incredible success in your presentations and speeches.



A fresh new innovative approach to learning how to do powerful presentations and public speeches.


The LeapFrogging Success System teaches you how to:


PREPARE YOUR MIND: Get into the growth mindset, and destroy all of the anxiety, fear, doubt, limiting beliefs, and stinking attitudes that hold you back from becoming your true self, so that you can deliver a dynamic and impactful presentation.


STEP 1: POWERFUL RESEARCH FOR PRESENTATIONS AND SPEECHES: Dig deep with powerful research methods and get to the core of facts, expert testimony, data, statistics, and visual aids.


STEP 2: POWERFUL INTERVIEWS FOR PRESENTATIONS AND SPEECHES: Conduct and use amazing interviews with experts in your topic who can give you incredibly compelling and valuable personal experiences.


STEP 3: POWERFUL WRITING FOR PRESENTATIONS AND SPEECHES: Outline, structure, organize, and arrange your content. Write dynamic speech copy using the information you found in your research and personal testimonial interviews, as well as your own personal experiences.


STEP 4: POWERFUL DESIGN FOR PRESENTATIONS AND SPEECHES: Design stunning slides and visual aids that compliment and augment your presentation or speech, and use infographics, images, and bullets that fully engage your audience rather than bore and distract them.


STEP 5: POWERFUL SPEAKING FOR PRESENTATIONS AND SPEECHES: Ultimately use all of the previously mentioned methods to create and deliver the presentation of your life, along with effective powerful speaking techniques to ensure that your audience gets immense value from your presentation, so that you will be utterly unforgettable.



Best of all, this system can be used over and over again with any topic you want to cover.


In my book, I describe the core elements for each step in much more detail. It’s not about using just one or a few of these methods in your speeches and presentations and then hoping for the best. It's about using ALL of them.


I’ve watched people fail over and over again at presentations and public speaking where I work, and in my local community, or just give plain, boring, and forgettable talks that could otherwise be so much more interesting and engaging. Or they completely avoid giving presentations altogether because they don’t want to deal with the pain and disappointment of perceived failure.


Through this system that I developed, I can now teach and coach people who suffer from extreme anxiety, lack of confidence, and lack of preparation, and show them that they can do it. I not only show them that it's possible, but HOW to do it most effectively.





On the LeapFrogging Success Blog (a.k.a. "The Frog Blog"), I write articles and record podcasts specifically about how to find your voice through building up your confidence and delivering amazing presentations, as well as all of the steps that go into preparing and creating your material.


Articles that support this main idea include research, writing, interviewing, design, presentations, speeches, personal development, health and wellness, information technology, productivity, money and finance, career development, business, leadership, relationships, psychology, philosophy, and social issues.


I also have a recommended reading list of books, and a video list of recommended Ted Talks on the Home page. I suggest checking out these resources!



I want to help you come to realize and experience a whole new freedom and way of life, and discover your true self.


I want to help you not feel lost, restricted, constrained, beaten-down, and stuck, and show you that you have the power to succeed at effective presentations and public speaking. You need to know I am looking out for you. And once you connect with other people who can relate to you and know how you feel, you'll find that many others will look out for you as well.


I found a quote while back when I started LeapFrogging Success and it stuck with me ever since as an inspiration to live by: "Don't be a fish; be a frog. Swim in the water and jump when you hit ground." - Kim Young-ha


Now I live by a certain mantra, which I always say in every one of my podcasts:


"Always keep leaping forward!"



Who am I?

I’m NJ Lechnir, Designer, Developer, Researcher, and Writer for more than 20 years. I’m just a regular guy from the Midwest who loves to help people. I’m fed up with all the negative self-defeating garbage that holds people back from being the best they can be. I’ve always been a quiet, introverted, reserved, thinking machine on the inside, and plagued with intense anxiety. Now I’ve taken the best of what I know and put it all together to create a fresh innovative system to deliver powerful presentations and speeches. By first helping you overcome intense fear, anxiety, doubt, and limiting beliefs, then showing you exactly how to use my system step by step, I can take you to levels you never knew you had. I’m here to show that you can do this too!