How Black Friday Kills Humanity


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Every Christmas, I see the same thing. The hot toy. It sells better than anything else in the store.


People wait. And wait. And wait. They even camp. 



It’s what stores call Black Friday.


We didn’t create the name.


Retail stores did. It also originated for a different reason.


You pray that you don’t get a black eye or a shove to the ground in the process of obtaining that hot item or any other product on the shelves when it’s go time.


Remember Elf on a Shelve? It was popularized by a book written in 2005.



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Cripes! Just look at it. How creepy is that thing!


Last year’s best selling toys (2016) were Xbox One S, LEGO Star Wars, Marvel Titan Hero Series, Nerf N-Strike Elite, Lego Minecraft, and Little Live Pets.


In 2010, it was Monster High dolls, Zoobles, PS3, Xbox 360, Paper Jamz, and Justin Bieber dolls.


In fairly recent years as much as 20 to 30 years ago, it was Cabbage Patch Kids (1983), Transformers (1984), Teddy Ruxpin (1985 and 1986), Koosh Ball (1987), Nintendo Entertainment System (1988), Game Boy (1989), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990), and Tickle Me Elmo (1996).



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Even further back in time, you had Star Wars action figures (1977), G.I. Joe (1964), Chatty Cathy (1960), Mr. Potato Head (1950’s), Slinky (1940’s), the Shirley Temple doll (1934), and the Yo-yo (1920’s).



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I can certainly understand that any parent wants the best for their kids, even if it is something as creepy as Elf on the Shelf.


I’m the same way.


I like to see them happy.


But I have to draw the line somewhere.


And I’m at the point in my life now when there’s nothing any retail store could offer that would be better than the gifts we have all around us. Just look at the early settlers.



We always have opportunities to make a real difference in people’s lives.


Good health, fitness, strength, vitality, nutritious food, health care, professional growth, relationships, family time, and friends are things we could easily take for granted.


Listen up people.


These are not gifts that you can necessarily hold in your hand.


I’m talking about gifts that are priceless.


The best gifts of any holiday season don’t come with the option of Buy One Get One Free or 80 percent off the day after Thanksgiving.



At some point in our lives, we have to face the facts. It’s up to us to be mature enough to know the difference between material and non material gifts.


But we also need to understand that kids are just kids, and that it takes time and patience to develop appreciation for gifts that you can’t hold in your hands. Go easy on them while also teaching them where the real value is.


We simply can’t do without important people in our lives.



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I’ve written this statement many times in posts and articles… Gratitude is not an occasional act that we should just think about once in a while.


It should be a daily activity, so that people do not forget who you are and what you stand for.



Always strive to constantly do your best.


And please be sure to recognize and thank people who have mentored and coached you throughout your life.


They deserve your gratitude.




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Never stop trying to make yourself better while improving the lives of those you care about.


I hope you have a joyous holiday and a prosperous new year, whatever that means to you.


And as for the self appointed guardians of the status quo, you know where you can stick your turkey bones.


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Always keep leaping forward my friends!


See ya soon.




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