The Most Important Thing You Need to Totally Rock Your Goals for 2017




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Have you ever started your day completely refreshed, energized and ready to take on the world?


You can just feel it. You’ll know you can tackle your whole to-do list for the entire day.


You’re so confident you can do it. Today is the day. It feels like the list is already done before you even roll out of bed. If you’re having a morning like that, sometimes the energy and momentum can last all day long.


And after a great day of work, you’re still energized enough to squeeze some exercise in there. Maybe you even find time to clean or get some extra writing done!


I’ve heard people having this kind of energy blast after giving a stellar presentation in public speaking. It can give you such an incredible natural high.


Other days, it’s not so easy to get motivated or stay motivated.


You wake up exhausted.


The kids are fighting over silly things that don’t matter (which kids almost always do).


Your spouse is grumpy because you’ve put off a long list of what she/he wants you to do.


Your boss just volunteered you for an important project that has to get done ASAP.


You get home late from work.


You have to pick up your child from sports practice.


On top of that, you promised your friends you’d meet them for dinner.


You then go to bed late, exhausted from a long day of serving others, and wonder what you did that actually made any difference.


We’ve all had days like that.


In fact, most days may be like that for you. Working on things all day long that don’t bring you any closer to your goals.


And you think to yourself “Well, if I can’t write, design, organize, or develop for an hour today, I’ll just skip it this once.”


But deep down inside, you know what that really means.








Believe me, I’ve been there.


I’ve said the exact same things about researching, writing, designing, developing presentations, working on my public speaking skills, going to the gym, cooking and eating healthy, etc. etc.


How many times do you walk in the door, drop your keys, and plop down onto the sofa to just watch T.V. or videos, or unwind with a drink?



It’s too much work to prepare a healthy meal, so maybe pizza is good enough? Frozen or take-out?


You’re too exhausted to exercise, lift weights, or go running.


You don’t have time to clean either. There is clutter everywhere from the last few days of mail and homework piling up, the carpet looks like crap, and the toilet is disgusting.


There is a mountain of paperwork on your kitchen counter or office desk that needs to get done. Bills need to be paid. Errands need to be run.


Working on bigger goals is the last thing on your mind.


You’ve been trying to work on your book, develop your website, design your slides, and finish a presentation that you know will help lots and lots of people!


But right now, it’s couch time. PLOP!


The next day you say “I’ll try harder today.” Maybe I will read another blog post about writing or productivity to get me motivated.


Then we start to get down on ourselves and think we’re supposed to put in more hours.


But it’s like trying to accelerate while you are stuck and spinning your tires in the mud.


You get nowhere. You put in a ton of time and only end up feeling more guilty, because you don’t spend enough time with your family, and you have no idea if your work will ever pay off.


You then work up the courage to ask your friends or family to encourage you and keep you motivated. They love you and mean well, but they just don’t “get it.”


It’s not their fault. They just don’t know what you’re going through, and can’t relate to your struggles. They have no idea how to help you out of a rut. They don’t know how to hold you accountable or keep you focused on your goals.


After all, it’s not like THEY are trying to write a book, or design awesome slides, engage with an audience in public speaking, or prepare for a big presentation.


I know exactly what you are going through.


I know how hard it is to get all the work done so that you can finally share your story with the world. But it is really hard when you don’t know what to do next, or you don’t have anyone you can turn to when you get stuck on progress.


Over the years, I’ve studied human behavior and discovered that most people fail not because they lack ambition or energy.


They fail because they feel alone!


They think no one understands how they feel, and no one knows how to help!


If you keep working out in the gym and don’t have anyone to help keep you on track, what happens? You get bored and lonely doing the same work over and over again without someone else to hold you accountable for what you are doing.


Many people who set goals alone eventually quit what they are doing, because it’s not fun when they can’t share their success with someone else. They figure, what’s the point? Nobody cares anyway.


Then what if you get stuck and have a question?


We think we have to figure it out by ourselves.


But when you start talking to people and networking about similar interests, everything changes. It suddenly becomes relevant and more interesting. You get points of view and perspectives you never knew about before.


Eventually you will find people with ambitions just like you, and who also need to be motivated by someone who understands. That’s when growth happens and you push past barriers and stagnation. You suddenly find that people actually do care.


You’re more likely to exercise with a gym partner.


You’re more likely to go running with a running buddy.


You’re more likely to enjoy healthy cooking and eating with someone who wants to learn about the same thing.


And your chances of getting your article published, your app developed, or your presentation finished increases greatly if you surround yourself with people who have the same or similar goal.



So, what is the most important thing you need to totally rock your goals for 2017?


People in your network who have similar interests and goals!


And you won’t know who these people are until you start looking. You don’t live in a vacuum. You can’t do it all alone. So, stop acting like no one knows what you are going through, and get out there.


Step outside of your shell and start connecting with people.


It’s always easier and faster to accomplish your goals with the right people pushing you toward success!


Here is a great article I found that shows how many sites are now understanding the power of professional and business networking: 20 Social Networking Sites for Business Professionals



As an added bonus…


Here is a great 5 point website design checklist to help you make sure you hit your goals and start off competitive and strong in 2017.


1. Make sure your website is responsive


There is no excuse for not having a responsive website these days. With the significant increase in mobile technology, it has become extremely important to have responsive elements.


What does “responsiveness” mean? It means your website automatically adjusts elements to stack and look great across all devices, such as desktop monitors, laptop screens, iPad, iPod, and any smartphone or mobile device. Believe it or not, there are lots of websites out there not using responsive design yet.


Making your site responsive is not difficult and makes a big difference with customer interaction. If you don’t do it, you are missing a huge majority of your audience. It is the easiest way to provide mobile users with a great experience.


WordPress, Weebly, Wix, SquareSpace, and other website builders do it automatically when you build your site. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel and code it all yourself. Also, Google has mobile search results, and if you don’t have responsive design, guess what… your site is excluded.


2. Make sure your website is easy to navigate


Never make your visitors hunt around for content. They should never feel lost when looking for things on your website. It is absolutely critical that your website navigation is intuitive, and that your visitors can get to any page without much effort.


Your main navigation menu should be clear, simple, and easy to follow. Your pages should be organized, linked together in logical order, and flow nicely. Make it easy for your visitors to move through your pages and find what they are looking for.


3. Make sure your website has fresh content


It should come as no surprise that we are in the age of information explosion. You can easily get caught up in the clutter and chaos if you are not careful. Your website should contain fresh, innovative, and useful content, so that people stay interested and coming back.


Producing original updated material gains people’s trust in you and positions you as a leader in your industry or niche. Search engines rank websites that are regularly updated, so creating fresh content can help you increase your position and drive more traffic to your website.


4. Make sure you have strong Call-To-Action


A Call-To-Action (CTA) is a very important element to your website that directs visitors to a landing page where they are presented with an offer, such as “Download your free eBook” or “Sign up for our free newsletter.”


Good CTAs are important for collecting information about visitors and converting them to leads. CTAs should be easily visible and placed effectively to grab attention throughout your website. Text should be clear and concise so that visitors know exactly what action you want them to take.


Also, CTAs should be appropriately placed throughout your website with at least one on every page. But don’t turn this into sleazy overbearing marketing tactics. Always provide CTAs with integrity and don’t make them annoying or cumbersome.


5. Incorporate Social Media


With all of the social media sites online these days, posting updates should be an important part of promoting your content and getting it in front of potential customers. But this is a slippery slope. Don’t make this your primary or only means of promoting content.


Building your email list is the most important thing to focus on. Only when it is relevant, your social media posts should include links that drive people to key pages on your website. And it’s not only about Facebook or Twitter.


Other social media sites are gaining more popularity, such as Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, Reddit, Youtube, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Vine, Snapchat, and Flickr. It is also very important to place social media icons and share buttons on every page of your website.


By doing this, you can greatly increase following and reach of your posts.


Go out and rock your 2017 goals! You got this!


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