Why You Should Be Insanely Generous and Give Away Your Best Stuff For Free




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I recently had a discussion with a buddy of mine who brought up a very good point about writing quality articles. When reading some of my posts, he said “The information is really good. But I wonder if you are giving away a bit too much. You’re too generous.”


That really made me stop and think for a moment. Then I told him what I learned from reading posts by many top quality bloggers out there. It is the same principle that I truly believe, and will always try to strive for.


What I told him was this:


There are different schools of thought on this subject, and I’ve read many articles from people who talk about this exact same issue. What’s wrong with being generous? Let me tell you why it is better to provide too much free information than not enough.


I know it sounds counter-intuitive that giving away valuable free content is the best thing to do. You may be thinking that if I give so much great info away, who will want to buy anything from me if they have all the content they need already?


First, who knows if all of your current quality information is “everything they will never need?”


The amount of information available to be generous and help people is in endless supply. You just have to figure out what people need, when they need it, then find the content that helps them, put your personal flavor on it with your own experiences, and then deliver it to them. This is always a constant ongoing process.


It’s the same for presentations and public speaking, for example. If you give a specific presentation or speech a hundred times, you will never give it the same way twice. Your knowledge and experience grows all the time. So you naturally add and change things as you go along, and your presentations become richer and more dynamic all the time.


If you happen to reference the work of other people, your content should always be original and not filled with fluff. Also, don’t ever plagiarize! You can refer to material, quotes, data, and testimonials in small amounts from other authors, but it’s extremely important to always give credit where credit is due, and cite your sources clearly.


This way you are not only helping out your audience, but you are also helping other authors who put in lots of time and work to research and publish valuable content, and you are helping them to gain more exposure to the public. They deserve it. That’s how you be generous to them.


In reality, it will actually build more trust in the long run with readers if you give away valuable information for free, because your actions will speak volumes on how much you are willing to help your audience.


This is the biggest question you always need to ask yourself: What lengths am I willing to go in order to be generous and help my audience?



There will always be cheapos, scammers, and hacks who look for free stuff, and then when they find it, toss you aside like a used napkin. I don’t care about them, and neither should you. That should never be an excuse for not putting amazing helpful content out there.


But the number of people who are truly appreciative of what you write will be massive. They will follow you and love your content enough to willingly buy your future material, because they already know it will be absolutely outstanding.


Your work will speak for itself. They know you care by the quality of your content and the great amount of effort you put into your work. It will reveal your true generous nature instantly. And the apparent lack of content and effort by the hacks and weasels will reveal their true nature in a heartbeat as well.


Whether or not he knows it, what my buddy told me with his original statement is that my content was really valuable and that people will share it once they know about it. That’s a good thing! I will be sure to use this handy tip for my next presentation in public speaking.


Make your content so good that people will instantly know you are generous and not ignore you.


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