How does a quiet, reserved, introverted non speaker who's always battled intense fear, paranoia, depression, and anxiety his whole life suddenly become a public speaker?


How does someone who's always been completely terrified to speak in public become someone who has given over a hundred presentations, and still going strong?


Hi, my name is NJ Lechnir and this is my true story. I go into extreme detail about events in my life that shaped who I am, and tell you exactly how I overcame incredible challenges to go from nothing to an experienced dynamic speaker in one year.


During my journey, I developed a fresh new innovative system for creating and delivering powerful presentations and speeches, and it's specifically designed for nerds, techies, and introverts (just like me!), as well as anyone else who's ever felt massive overwhelming pain and anxiety associated with speaking.


This is all explained in my book:


Leapfrogging Success: 5 Simple Steps to Powerful Presentations and Public Speaking for Nerds, Techies, and Introverts


In the book, you will learn about a few key cathartic moments that impacted me the most and changed my entire life with regard to how I think about public speaking. With tons of in-depth research and numerous examples, tips, and techniques, I've poured my heart and soul into this book to give you the absolute best of what I know about giving powerful presentations.


No matter who you are, where you're from, or what you do, I show you exactly how you can do it too!



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"By reading your book, I learned A LOT! Not only did I enjoy it, but was inspired by your personal stories and insights. I appreciated your writing style, and your rock star personality came through. It is clear that you desire to share a message AND help others succeed. The content was delivered in a way that kept me wanting to read more, and written in a way that was easy to understand. Best was all the great links and freebies for the reader. I would love to use it as a resource for creating my presentations in the future."


Debbie Harris, RN
Contributing Author for the book OOLA For Women
Professional Speaker, Health and Wellness Development Coach, Reality Show Finalist
Facebook and Instagram @beyourownbiggestfan






"The book is clear and well organized with lots of information. Love your use of personal example. It's your strong suit. The book delivers on its promise. I am honored to know your story and to have had a chance to read your book. It fascinated me. Best to you."


Anne Uemura, PhD
Author of Listen to the Cries of the Heart
Transformational Life Coach, Clinical Psychologist





"Nick Lechnir has written not just a 'how to' book about giving effective presentations, but also a 'how to' be successful in life. He reveals his personal struggles, then his very practical 'recipes' for surmounting them. His readers will be able to fully relate; they will be inspired to put to use his superior suggestions and wisdom. And oh, by the way, the writing is superb. His writing voice is clear, concise, personal and very readable. This is an incredibly well-researched book about giving smashing presentations as well as a book about living life with freedom, joy, and profound professional success. Nick has greatly inspired me to consider how I can 'leapfrog' my own efforts to excel and live life fully."


Alice Holstein, Ed.D.
Author of A Tough Grace - Mental Illness as a Spiritual Path
Speaker, Consultant





"Leapfrogging Success has actionable steps with passion behind them. Public speaking is such a critical skill and this book takes it beyond the nitty gritty details of a good speech. Nick dives deep into your purpose behind speaking and how to use that to deliver a powerful presentation with a lasting impact. Great book."


Jocelyn Paonita

Best Selling Author, Speaker, and Founder of The Scholarship System






"Nick Lechnir has nailed an age-old nemesis for many of us—public speaking, by offering a variety of helpful tips in a step-by-step process. An admitted introvert, what makes this book noteworthy and believable is that Lechnir lays it all out in a no holds barred fashion admitting to his own vulnerabilities and anxieties—fears he needed to conquer in order to gain competency in the public speaking arena. One special group that gets his attention are the 'nerds,' programmers, computer junkies, and all other quiet introvert types who want to conquer the art of public speaking out of need or simply to be better, more confident self-actualized persons. What readers will also like is that what is not in the book can be found through an excellent series of links to many helpful URL's that contain many more how-to tips. In my 30+ years as a communicator, I truly believe that yes, public speaking, is next to death, most feared. Taking up Lechnir’s book will allow many readers to take control and actually move through this fear."


Pat Kerrigan, MASL

Vice President Communications and Marketing, Viterbo University, Retired

Mental Health Coalition Board of Directors



Who am I?

I’m NJ Lechnir, Designer, Developer, Researcher, and Writer for more than 20 years. I’m just a regular guy from the Midwest who loves to help people. I’m fed up with all the negative self-defeating garbage that holds people back from being the best they can be. I’ve always been a quiet, introverted, reserved, thinking machine on the inside, and plagued with intense anxiety. Now I’ve taken the best of what I know and put it all together to create a fresh innovative system to deliver powerful presentations and speeches. By first helping you overcome intense fear, anxiety, doubt, and limiting beliefs, then showing you exactly how to use my system step by step, I can take you to levels you never knew you had. I’m here to show that you can do this too! More about me on the About page!


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