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Thank you for providing us with access to your presentation, Nick! The Web Design class was very interesting and organized. I greatly enjoyed the overview of history and detailed coverage of the many web hosting and design options. Also, thank you for explaining how web design is something that anyone who is interested can get into and that it's not only for professionals with advanced programming knowledge, expensive software, etc. Thanks again!

- Warren


As a Novice in Web Design, I was worried that I would be lost and confused throughout this entire course. How was I wrong! Nick made this course fun and interesting. I was amazed at how easy it was. It looks like an amazing adventure to take and I couldn't be more excited. Thanks Nick!

- Rachel


"Your presentation was amazing and the students are still talking about it from my class! Very motivational."

 - Dawn


"I really liked the information. You have a wonderful way of keeping my attention during class!"

- Peggy


"Nick, Great job! Loved your personal stories and humorous slides."



"Nice body language. Very good voice modulation. Very entertaining."

- Bala


"Lots of great visuals. Good PowerPoints. Easy to follow and entertaining!"

- Alex


"Great job! Very knowledgeable of the subject. You make it fun with props and PowerPoint, and nailed it at the end."

- Dana


"Awesome job! Great body language and energetic!"

- Beth


"Fantastic! Good use of props, and enjoyed the personal experiences. What a gift you have!"

- Eric


"Wow, you really know your topic and looked very comfortable in front of your audience!"
"Touching stories. Very motivating!"

- Andy


"Thank you so much for giving a such a great presentation! People can definitely take away something from this, especially knowing they are not alone. The attendees said they really enjoyed your session. Thank you again!"

- Jintong


"Thank you so much for presenting! It was really informative and well delivered. I really appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to help with our program, and in doing so, help guarantee it's success. All the best!"

- Sierk


"Thank you!! It couldn’t have been a better success. Your candor and openness really made this event the success it was, and I know all of us were able to take something away from the night."

- Beth


"I got a lot out of your personal story. I appreciate the courage you have shown in doing these talks. Thanks so much!"

- Harvey


"Thanks for sharing your story. I think you did a great job on your presentation! You related well to the audience."

- Wanda


"Thank you for coming to speak to us all! Your openness and honesty were refreshing and touched my heart. Thank you for being strong enough to open up about your life. I think your talks will help a lot of individuals."

- Sandy


"Thank you for the interesting and informative presentation Nick! You presented in an entertaining and fun way, and I enjoyed learning from you. You provided a lot of useful exciting information. Thanks again. Great Presentation!"

- Charlie


(The best compliment I ever received)...
"Can you send me a copy of your slide deck template from your last presentation? I am doing a presentation in October and yours was so good, I’d like to use it for reference. Don’t worry, it will be impossible to replicate your amazing performance! :)"

- Cory



Nick speaks on a variety of topics, including Web Design, Information Technology, Photography, Leadership and Public Speaking in Toastmasters, Running and Fitness, Psychology, and Social/Cultural/Community Issues.



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